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Making Money with Holistic Legal Advise?

Holistic legal advisors are not law firm robots but adapt to their clients needs. Their true SUPER POWER of holistic legal advisors is that they do not need to specialize in certain client types but speak all their different languages. Fluently. This is also how they make money and combine their humanity with financial needs.

Some examples:

** From my experience multiple software engineers usually appreciate a table as a format to explain a legal topic. Other groups will need pictures or tree shaped graphs for that matter.

** Giving more risk averse legal advice to a client that is security driven. Or not covering potential liability in a long email text when their startup client takes a risk but rather explain these risks with realistic scenarios for their business.

What do YOU think makes legal advise holistic? Any experiences you want to share?

I co-founded the New Legal Network – the network for holistic legal advisors - in 2020 to develop and share holistic legal advice strategies and content.

(Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

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